The only thing constant is change...

Becky Fitz

Becky began practicing yoga in college as a way to manage stress and aid in recovery during track season. She relied on DVDs to teach her the basics, as the thought of actually walking into a yoga studio and practicing with others was terrifying! After five years of the same DVDs, she finally worked up the courage to take a live class, and immediately felt a strong connection to the yoga community. In 2016, she decided to elevate her yoga game and signed up for a 200-hour teacher training course at Jala Yoga in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Under the guidance of Christa Mastrangelo-Joyce, she worked to expand her practice and discovered how to introduce an environment of learning for her prospective students. As a licensed Athletic Trainer, she has a strong background in anatomy and uses this knowledge to assist her students during their practice. Becky looks forward to welcoming you to her vinyasa flow style classes, where she aims to link the breath with movement while developing strength and cultivating calmness.

Becky Fitz is currently not instructing any classes.