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200 Hour Teaching Training Program

Achieve your RYT200 certification in 

just 7 weekend sessions in 3 months!

Weekend dates are:

April 26-28

May 3-5

May 17-19

May 31-June 2

June 28-30

July 12-14

July 26-28

Times are Friday's 5-9pm

Saturday's 8:30-5:30pm

Sundays 9-3pm



"Equanimity of mind is Yoga. 2:48"

"The one who has trained the mind to stay centered in equanimity, in this life, has cast aside both good and evil karma.  Therefore, by all means practice Yoga; perfection in action is Yoga. 2:50"

The Living Gita

This program is you for if:


You're eager to embark on a learning experience

steeped in yoga philosophy, psychology, movement

and spirituality.


Yoga has moved you personally and you want to deepen

your understanding and your practice.


You'd like to teach yoga


You're ready to commit to 200 hours of learning, reading,

practice and community.


You desire to develop a better connection with your Self

and develop your inner wisdom.


You value relationships and learning from others.

What you'll learn:


Yoga History- Patanjali, origins, Sutras, Timeline of Yoga, etc.


Philosophy- Different types of yoga, 8 Limbs of Yoga, various forms of Hatha yoga, new yoga paths, Yamas and Niyamas


How to incorporate the yogic path into your lifestyle, develop a consistent home practice, share resources to deepen learning


Breathwork (Pranayama)- different practices, benefits, contraindications, bandhas, nadis, 


The benefits and science of meditation- different types and benefits, mala beads and mantras


How to develop and cultivate a meditation practice, creating classes and sequencing, transitions, themes, and beginnings and class endings


In-depth study of asana from beginner to advanced poses- adjustments vs. assists, cueing, contraindications, alignment etc.


Basic anatomy, including the skeletal structure and major muscle groups- common physical issues that people suffer with and how to adapt, how anatomy relates to poses and more

Sanskrit, chanting mantras- benefits and how to start


The Chakra system, Ayurveda, subtle energy work, crystals and more


Beginning your yoga business




Have a regular and committed yoga practice for at least a year


Have a sincere desire to learn and deepen all aspects of yogic practices


Open minded and willing to share learning


Lean into the discomfort and learn; grow yourself so that you can help others grow.





Click here to download the enrollment agreement and the program application:


Enrollment Agreement


Yoga School Application

Application and Tuition Process:


We offer 3 ways to pay tuition:

Cash or Check rate is $2500

Credit Card rate is $2750

6 monthly installments of $500 (last one minus the application fee of $250)


The following is a list of texts that will be required for the program:

(Lotus Moon will offer the books that we can get at 20% off retail)

Anatomy Coloring Book (not available through Lotus Moon)

Teaching Yoga by Donna Farhi

The Heart of Yoga

Light on Yoga

Power Yoga

Yoga: Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness

The Living Gita

Yamas and Niyamas

The Path of the Yoga Sutras

Yoga as Medicine by Timothy McCall

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff


You will also need 3x5 cards, a 3 ring binder with 7-10 dividers and a journal.








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